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Trauma scene or crime scene cleanup after the death of someone either violently or naturally is by and large the responsibility of the victim's family. Even till a few years ago, there were a handful of cleaning companies that specialized in trauma cleaning service. But today this niche service has emerged as a lucrative business and there are many companies who provide this service. San Antonio trauma scene cleaners are specialized to provide the best services ever.

Trauma cleaning service requires special experience, skills, equipment, and expertise to deal with different types of bio-hazardous waste and dispose of them efficiently with the minimum possible emotional stress to the victim's family. Violent death is the most traumatic type of death that leaves family members to have a feeling of being traumatized and victimized. Coming to terms with the unnatural death of a loved one is in itself an uphill task for the bereaved family, and to top it they have to deal with other practical matters like making funeral arrangements, dealing with insurance issues, contacting surviving family and friends and locating wills. Furthermore, in case of violent crimes the police and the media are also involved. This can really overwhelm any family. Here is where San Antonio trauma scene cleaners come to your rescue. We lighten one of the heaviest burdens that are of dealing with the horrid murder cleanup. We will take care of the mess to make sure that everything is restored to its pre-incidental state as far as possible and in the quickest and efficient manner thus allowing you to deal with other important matters.

Most of the times, the crime scenes are so ghastly that they can induce additional emotional trauma in victim's friends and family. By hiring San Antonio trauma scene professionals for cleanup, you can reduce this emotional stress. Immediately after death, the nature begins its process of breaking down the body. Unattended death scene and dead bodies can be dangerous as it gives rise to bloodborne pathogens, mold spores, and bacteria. You may try to clean the area by yourself but the exposure may result in flu-like diseases or direct attack on the respiratory system. So it is advisable to leave this job to professionals who specialize in biofluid and blood remediation.

How Much Will It Cost?

Our cleaning cost usually depends upon many factors. One of them being the number of experts that will be handling the mess, how long the job will take and the quantity of hazardous materials that will need to be treated and disposed of.

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Trauma Scene Professionals

Our professional clean up technicians are usually called-in after the police, paramedics and the coroner's representative have examined the place. We are responsible for cleaning up the place and ensuring that the necessary cleanup process will be done. We have the right training with regards to the right approach for every crime scene and they also have the ability to preserve all the evidence that the police might need for their investigation. Here are the reasons why our San Antonio trauma scene cleaners are considered the best:

Through the crime scene cleanup process, our technicians have the ability to remove all the blood stains. They can dispose of all bio-hazard chemicals properly. Because of this, odor removal can be done. We usually use certain chemicals and cleaning materials so that the place will be odor-free in no time at all. Our specialists play an important role in a crime scene and without their help, you can never make progress in your cleaning. The odor will remain in the place and the chances of getting sick are very high.

That is why it is important for you to let the professionals do their job so that they can apply the right processes in the crime or death scene. Our professionals have the right gears and equipment thus speeding up the process. We usually apply the latest technology in the cleanup process so that the foul smell will not linger and get rid of it in no time at all. Of course, you would want to use the place once more and with the help of our professionals, you can use your home once again. Never attempt to clean things up on your own because it might post some danger in your health because you do not have the right protective gears to shield your body from hazardous chemicals.

Waste Disposal Services

Hospitals and similar facilities produce daily medical waste that can be harmful to the environment and public health. It is the duty of these establishments to ensure that the waste they produce is treated and disposed of properly. Large hospitals may have the opportunity to treat these medical wastes, but smaller medical practices may not have the same luxury. For the smallest players in the health industry, a good option would be to work with a good waste management company for biological waste.

But if you're looking for a medical waste disposal company, you should pay attention to three things. First, there is compliance. The waste disposal service must be accredited by state and federal agencies that oversee the disposal of medical waste. The company must comply with all rules and regulations established by these state and federal agencies. You must have the correct paperwork because you can not prove that you are complying with state and federal regulations, and you work with them, and you can also be tried in court.

The second is the price. The most common reason why doctors work with a medical device disposal company is to reduce costs through their own elimination system. Most biohazard waste disposal companies often offer customizable plans for small clinics. In this context, doctors and medical institutions should generally work with an elimination services provider who is willing to make plans that meet their needs and budget.

The third is the reliability of the company. They would be responsible for the transportation, treatment and disposal of hazardous medical waste. That is why it is necessary that they have sufficient experience in this matter. You must also have the correct system to ensure that medical waste is treated properly.

It would also be of great help to medical facilities if they could find a waste disposal company that is willing to educate medical personnel on how to handle medical waste properly. Because the correct elimination of medical waste begins where it arises.

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San Antonio Texas

San Antonio comes from the Spanish name, "Saint Anthony," and is the 7th most populous city in the U.S and the 2nd most populous city in Texas (after Houston). According to recent statistics, the city's has a population of 1, 439,568 million people and it's among the fastest growing cities in the U.S.


The median age of of San Antonio residents is 33.5 years which is about 3% lower than that Texas average, which is 34.5 years, while the population density is 3,12 per square meter, which is 3121% much higher than the TX average, and 3346% much higher than the national average. 49% of city's population is of over the age of 15 years, 40% speak Spanish and 56% speak English. 65% of the residents were born in TX, 18% were born outside TX while 17% were born outside U.S. The racial composition of San Antonio is 25% White, 64% Hispanic and 7% Black. This shows that the city has quite a large Hispanic population and a significant black population.


In the year 2017, the city of San Antonio was ranked 1st nationally out of over 15 of the nations largest cities for per capita number of 'part 1 offenses'; this is the 8 crimes which the Federal Bureau of Investigations considers to be the most serious. These crimes include; murder, robbery, rape, burglary, aggravated assault, auto theft, arson and larceny.

Crime Statistics and History

Crime in San Antonio started rising in the 1980's, and in the year 1983, the city had the tenth highest homicide rate in the whole of Texas with 19 homicides per 100,000 residents. Between 1987 and 1994, the number of the juveniles who got arrested for violent crimes tripled, and the number of youths who got arrested for carrying firearms illegally doubled over that same period. In the year 1993, San Antonio got the nickname the "Drive by city" because of the high number of drive by shootings recorded by their Police Department. There were more than 1,200 drive by shootings recorded that year, which is almost 3.5 per day. Majority of the victims were Black and Hispanic men between the ages of 18 and 30, and most of the killings were either domestic incidents or drug related.

According to recent studies, the city's violent crime rate in the year 2017 was way higher than the national average by over 80%. The studies further show that murder and violent crime rates in San Antonio are increasing rapidly this year, and the violent crime rate is actually projected to grow by 52% by end of year.

Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scenes resulting from violent crimes can leave behind unsightly images with blood and fluids spilled all over. As such, crime scenes should be cleaned and sanitized only by professional cleaners who are trained and experienced in how to properly and safely remove the biological fluids and sanitize the area. So, if you reside in San Antonio and you ever find yourself in a situation where you need trauma and crime scene cleanup, our professional cleaning experts have every certification and permit required to disinfect the area and the desire to restore the area to its' pre-crime state. Simply contact us today, and we will be at your service.