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15.Jan, 2019 0

Who Do You Call When Someone Dies in Their Sleep?

When someone dies in their sleep, it can either be expected or unexpected. Either way, it’s a sad event that leaves the friends and relatives of the deceased in pain after losing a loved one. So, who do you call when someone dies in their sleep? This article will go over what you’ll need to do if you’re in this situation. Who Do You Call? First things first, you’ll have two choices. For instance, if the deceased was under hospice care, call the hospice, and they’ll know who to call and what to do. The hospice will arrange for a…

6.Dec, 2018 0

How to Dispose of Biohazard Waste Bags

Biohazard medical bags are designed for medical waste. However, it is important for users to know which things they should put in red bags, and what should go in the trash. These bags can be used to dispose of liquid or solid medical waste contaminated with blood or any other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). Here we will discuss how to dispose of biohazard waste bags, and what you should place in the bags.   What are Other Potentially Infectious Materials? Typically, human bodily fluids will be placed in a biohazard waste bag. It can be human body fluids such as…

19.Nov, 2018 0

How to Dispose of Blood and Body Fluids

All Body fluids are potential carriers of pathogens and other organisms that can transmit infections. Body fluids refers to a variety of things including blood, urine, drainage from cuts, vomit, feces, nasal discharge, semen, and saliva. There is a risk of infection by coming in contact with these body fluids. The risk is higher if the fluids come into contact with a break in the skin or through penetrable contact such as with a needle. The body fluids can also cause an environmental bio-hazard if not disposed of properly. For that reason, care must be taken when handling and disposing…

30.Oct, 2018 0

What are the Four Categories of Death?

Do you know what are the four categories of death? In death investigations, a forensic pathologist will often perform an autopsy. During this process, the expert will study the effect of injury, medical treatments, and diseases on the human body, then make the conclusion on the manner of death in the court. Here are some basic facts about each category of death. What are the Four Categories of Death? 1. Natural Death A natural death is typically the end result of a disease or an internal malfunction due to old age. This is particularly true when elderly people have different…

11.Oct, 2018 0

Biohazard Cleanup Procedures

The terms crime scene cleanup and trauma scene cleanup are most often associated with the cleaning of human remains, fluids or tissues at the scene of a homicide, suicide or unattended death. These are differentiated from regular types of cleaning jobs due to both the potentially hazardous nature of the cleanup and the gruesomeness of the scene. Blood is one of the hazardous substances that are difficult to clean up. If you need blood clean up in your car, home, or workplace, it is recommended to not ever handle it yourself. A trained decontamination specialist should do blood clean ups…